Our Expertise

As a Design & Build Company we walk you through each phase of the Design and Construction process. Our talented Designers help you find attractive, creative solutions that are visually pleasing and functional. We will respect the regional characteristics of your home and neighborhood while answering your individual design needs. Our building team includes the most up-to-date knowledge of current building codes, engineering services, and craftsmanship methods. Our builder coordinates different types of construction involved in your residential project and oversees the construction process.

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Cost saving

As a design and build firm we help you cut out the middleman. Our teams work together making the most cost-effective decisions early in the project, giving you the most economical and efficient path possible. This early collaboration allows our design-build team to quickly adjust plans for design changes avoiding costly delays. Once construction starts, changes can be very expensive! This early team effort is crucial to keep your project on schedule and stay within your budget. We also have established good working relationships with suppliers and vendors that offer competitive pricing for high-quality products keeping you within your budget.


From start to finish our design-build firm will manage all aspects of your project. Management begins with our design team, progressing to our engineer team and then continuing seamlessly and efficiently with our construction managers, subcontractors, vendors, and finally the suppliers. This cohesive management minimizes miscommunications, resulting in less expense, which often occurs when individual firms are hired.

We speak the language

Because so much information on your project is communicated using 2-D drawings (Plans) there are many conventions on how plans, sections, and elevations are interpreted. Your project revolves around translating those plans into a 3-D structural construction using building materials. There can be a misinterpretation of those drawings, which can give rise to confusion about how building elements go together, especially if the drawings show something that the contractor might not be familiar with, or if the contractor is too busy and overlooks the drawings or a specific detail. A design and build firm knows how to stay on top of this since they carefully design, draw and share each plan with other team members.

Smart Homes

From your home or away from home smart technology allows you to stay in touch with all aspects of your home’s environment. It enables you to communicate and control electronics systems remotely with the ease of a smartphone or other web device. Whether it’s your security system, lighting, thermostat or even your appliances, smart technology provides comfort and convenience, enhancing your home’s energy efficiency.

Green Building

Sustainable Design is the process of being environmentally responsible and resource efficient throughout a building’s lifetime. The process begins by choosing the site, next planning the design and construction and usually includes the operations of buildings. There are several considerations: Energy Use; Water Use; Indoor Environmental Quality; Material Selection and the building’s effects on the site and its inhabitants. Human Nature Design helps you build a home aiming to utilize the most current green practices available, working with your level of environmental consciousness, realizing your unique vision.

We work with reliable and established vendors who offer competitive pricing for high-quality products. We believe it’s our duty to deliver superior service to every HND client. A new design and build project require some complex processes therefore, we advocate with our clients, guiding them through each phase of the project. We help our clients:
Find and evaluate potential building sites;
Create a custom structural design based on your tastes and needs;
Establish cost expectations through planning, designing, and budgeting;
Create a more cost-efficient structural system;
Design for energy efficiency and Green Building Solutions;
Help with material choices, style and color schemes;
Obtain approval through the Official City Agencies including Planning, Zoning, and Building Codes, and Safety Departments;
Help with bidding to find the right Contractor and the right proposal;
Resolve design issues during the construction